In its last term, the U.S. Supreme Court ended Roe v. Wade's guarantee of a Constitutional right to abortion, made it easier for the government to impose the death penalty, struck down restrictions on carrying concealed weapons, further eroded the separation of church and state, and impeded the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to address climate change. The court, with a 6-3 conservative supermajority, including three Justices appointed by Donald Trump, was just getting warmed up.

Here are some key cases the court will be hearing in its current term, which began on October 3:

Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency

Following its diminishment of the EPA's authority to curb planet-warming emissions under the Clean Air Act, the court is now poised to exploit a definitional dispute over what constitutes "waters of the United States" to bring about a potentially catastrophic loss of protections for wetlands and intermittently flowing streams. During oral arguments in October, all six conservative Justices seemed to agree that changes to the existing law were needed.

303 Creative LLC v. Elenis

Can people who happen to be bigoted discriminate against others who happen to be LGBTQ+? A Christian web designer is challenging a Colorado anti-bias law, saying she wishes to work only on wedding websites "that promote her understanding of marriage as between one man and one woman." Colorado urged the court not to take the case, noting that the designer has never been asked to provide services to a same-sex couple. The court took it anyway.

Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College and Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina


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