The Spine

AuthorSamuel D. Hodge, Jr./Jack E. Hubbard
ProfessionSkilled litigator, is chair of the department of legal studies at Temple University/Professor of Neurology at the University of Minnesota
The Spine 2
The anatomical and clinical features of the spine as well as the respective legal consid-
erations are presented in Part 2. Chapter 7 provides an overview of the spine. Chapter
8 focuses on neck injury, including whiplash, while chapter 9 examines low back pain.
Chapter 10 discusses the causes and consequences of spinal cord injury. Two chronic pain
conditions that can involve the spine, myofascial trigger points and complex regional
pain syndrome (CRPS), are discussed in chapters 11 and 12, respectively. Chapter 13
examines the controversial issue of Waddell’s signs and malingering.

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