The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner.

Author:Simmons, Pat L.
Position:Brief article - Book review

The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner by Andrea Smith The Dial Press, May 2006 $24, ISBN 0-385-33623-3

Forget your preconceived notions about novels that focus on the past or characters who speak Southern dialect. In The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner, the dialect is enjoyable, understandable and believable.

As for this novel's focus on the past, what better mystery to solve than tracking down (and punishing) the momma of a baby found floating in Canaan Creek. Bonnie Wilder becomes a modern-day Harriet Tubman. Bonnie's partner in crime (or justice), Thora Dean, whose frankness and feistiness don't diminish with age, helps devise schemes, reveal passions and share disappointments. The plot of The Sisterhood of Blackberry...

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