The Sinners.

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The Sinners

A Quinn Colson Novel

By Ace Atkins

Among Ace Atkins's 23 books are seven New York Times best-selling novels in his continuation of Robert B. Parker's Spenser series. Atkins has been nominated for the Edgar Award for two novels (The Ranger [2011] and The Lost Ones [2012]) in his Quinn Colson series and for his short story "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" (2008). The Sinners is the eighth in the Quinn Colson series.

THE STORY: Sheriff Quinn Colson of Tibbehah County, Mississippi, is just a week away from marriage when a violent act breaks a period of relative calm. Heath Pritchard, a marijuana grower whom the former sheriff locked up two decades ago, has returned home, and, in short order, he kills Ordeen Davis, a handyman for Fannie Hathcock, overseer of the local gentleman's club, an establishment owned by the Dixie Mafia, which also dabbles in the drug trade. Fannie suspects that Pritchard's marijuana-growing nephews--the dirt bike--racing Tyler and Cody Pritchard--have violated their agreement with the mafia by selling more marijuana than they ought to and had sent Ordeen over to investigate. Pritchard--prowling his nephews' property while they're away competing in the 19th Annual Possum Trot Special--lays Ordeen's body to rest in the Big Black River. But wait. There's more.

G. P. Putnam's Sons. 384 pages. $27. ISBN: 9780399576744

The Real Book Spy ****

"The Sinners is the obvious frontrunner for best southern crime novel of the year." RYAN STECK

Washington Post ***1/2

"[Atkins] delivers a solid thriller with The Sinners, while leaving plenty of story threads for the ninth installment in this series." OLINE H. COGDILL

Tampa Bay Times ***

"The Sinners has plenty of breathless suspense and explosive violence, but it's also a funny book.... This whole novel is laced with...

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