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Cadaver Blues

J. E. Fishman

Stonegate Ink

c/o Shelton Interactive

3006 Bee Caves Rd., Building A, Suite 300

Austin, TX 78746

9781938426650, $12.95,

The charm of a nice rack can take us on an enlightening voyage. "Cadaver Blues" follows debt man at the bottom of his life Phouc Goldberg as Mindy enters his life and has requests for him, and quickly learns she has more to show him than boobs. Learning about the world in a whole new way, "Cadaver Blues" is a humorous and intriguing novel of finding a new spark in life through a little curiosity.

Falling off the Wind

Richard Meibers

Martin & Lawrence Press

43 Nod Road, Groton, MA 01450

9780982073285, $14.95,

Spurned and accused, it can be a long road to put life back together. "Falling Off the Wind" is a novel from Richard Meibers as he presents an intriguing break down of Clement Schuetz's life. An accusation of murder and a his ship, he tries to fix everything and may find love anew in the process. "Falling Off the Wind" is a twisting and riveting read, not to be missed for those seeking works of modern fiction.

A Killer's Grace

Ronald Chapman

Seeing True Press

300 South Street, Unit 213, Simpsonville, SC 29681

9780615642611, $12.95,

What drives a murder to kill? "A Killer's Grace" is a novel following Kevin Pitcairn, a journalist who tries to find the meaning of the letters sent to him by a serial killer, and trying to understand the deeper evil men are capable of, and how there may be redemption in spite of this evil. "A Killer's Grace" is an exciting thriller that should be hard to put down until the story is done.

Crisis of Faith

Eliza Wood

Kaye & Mills

8840 Wilshire Boulevard, Third Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2606

9781938341014, $24.95,

Christian fundamentalism grows more intense, and who says they will not be tempted by the methods of their Islamic cousins? "Crisis of Faith" is a thriller following a country in crisis, as a new American president, faced with the rising crisis of fundamentalism turned violent and a slew of other problems weighing heavily on the country, must face down the Christian faith in America and try to understand its involvements in America's problems. "Crisis of Faith" is a controversial and insightful twist of religion and politics, much recommended.

Remember Me, Vendetta

Carlos Alexander Murray

Bittersweet Publishing

PO box 11936, Merrillville, IN 46411


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