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Future Tense

Eddie Upnick

Label Man Books

PO Box 640191, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

9781463592349, $14.95,

There are many strong threats against the world and they must be answered sooner or later. "Future Tense" is a near future thriller as Eddie Upnick follows up his previous novel Time Will Tell, following twenty years later as Vito tries to understand the threats of secrecy in the CIA and the mystery of his father's career. Faced with many unusual opportunities, the threats of nuclear war, terrorism, and something not of this earth, "Future Tense" is a fast paced thriller with plenty to keep readers reading. The Romanian Connection Richard Roche

Southern Georgia Freedom Press

PO Box 27, Folkston, GA 31537

9780615456430, $12.95,

A spy's vengeance is done with a deliberate efficiency. "The Romanian Connection" follows Jack Hollingsworth on his quest to avenge his wife and daughter. Brought to Romania, he finds there is more to meets the eye as his plot as it entangles the Russian Intelligence agencies, royalty, and plenty of people to fear and few to trust. "The Romanian Connection" is a riveting read that will grab on and not let go.

Murder Beneath The Burned Sky

Keith Hartman

Pyramid Press

917 N. Larrabee St. #5, West Hollywood, CA 90069

9781937185008, $9.95,

When the world struggles to survive, murder complicates things. "Murder Beneath the Burned Sky" tells the story of a sealed town that is hidden from the world, under a scorched sky. A plot engulfs the town, and Calvin, trying to cope with coming to adulthood in such a harsh situation, must solve the murder of his father and try to understand it all. "Murder Beneath the Burned Sky" is a riveting young adult novel, highly recommended.

Freeze Tag on the Highway

Brian Krans

Rock Town Press

2018 19th Ave. B, San Francisco, CA 94116

9780979372612, $14.99,

The deranged nature of some can never be expected. "Freeze Tag on the Highway" follows a terrifying tale of a counselor gone sour, as Jake, a leader at the camp takes control and sedates the children he was trusted to health. As the staff quits in protest, Jake's abuses of the very children he hates may go on unopposed. "Freeze Tag on the Highway" is a thriller that brings terror in its potential closeness to reality, highly recommended.

Try Not 2 Die

Vell Sweeny

Pink Pig Press

980 Broadway, Suite 248, Thornwood, NY 10594

9780981636016, $14.95...

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