The De La Rua Plan.

Author:Fabey, Michael
Position:Road repair plan in Argentina - Brief Article

How BAD ARE CONDITIONS IN ARGENTINA? INFRASTRUCTURE Minister Nicolas Gallo compares the state of his country to Europe at the end of World War II, "We lack a Marshall plan," Gallo said in a national radio address, referring to the U.S. plan that helped rebuild Europe after the war. "Roads like the one from Rosario to Bahia Blanca are a disaster area with trucks crashing into each other all the time."

The tough talk was quickly followed with a solution: The De La Rua administration's four-year plan to invest US$12 billion to repair roads and upgrade ports, as well as to build houses and water treatment plants.

Despite Gallo's cheap shot, operators of recently privatized roadways were quickly reassured that the government's grand plan was not aimed at...

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