On the road again.

Author:Wilde, Jessica
Position:Works In Progress

Angel Lam, a composer for the Silk Road Ensemble, an international collective of performers and composers, is writing "Awakening from a Disappearing Garden" for cello, full orchestra, and narrator. The story of two generations of Chinese women, the 30-minute piece begins with a narrator (Lam) saying, in part, "Time and space seemed to pull backwards, hundreds of years." As the work unfolds, the cellist picks up the narration in music. Lain, whose works typically fuse what she sees as the transcendence of music with the clarity of language, explains: "Just like the vast white, empty space ancient Chinese painters leave in their paintings, the music is the whiteness that is beyond the words." Her works evoke her own musical memories of China, she says, mingled with emotions, images, time, and space.

Raised in Hong Kong and Los Angeles and now living in New Haven, Lain is an Artist Diploma candidate at Yale and holds master's degrees in composition and music theory from the Peabody...

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