The RNAS and the Birth of the Aircraft Carrier 1914-1918.

Author:Bobrow, Carl J.
Position:Book review

The RNAS and the Birth of the Aircraft Carrier 1914-1918. By Ian M Burns. Oxford U.K.: Fonthill Media, 2015. Photographs. Appendices. Bibliography. Notes. Index. Pp.224. $28.00 ISBN: 178155-365-3 (also available in epub and Kindle formats)

All but forgotten are the names of those individuals who engaged in the first tentative steps of projecting naval air power as exemplified by the aircraft carrier. The initial exploratory effort in what would be a long process took place in 1912, when Commander Charles R. Samson sat at the controls of a Short Brothers-manufactured aircraft and took off from the foredeck of the battleship HMS Hibernia. It would not be until 1917, that landing on a moving ship would take place. In that year, Squadron Commander Edwin H. Dunning, Royal Navy, landed a Sopwith Pup on HMS Furious.

The successes and failures of these early experiments and their importance in the course of aviation and naval history are the subjects of this book. Much of this significant work is presented in the words of those who participated, not just the official records. Ian Burns synthesizes and distills the relevant facts into brief segments enabling the reader to absorb a great deal of detail quickly and with a good grasp of the events. The book's seventeen chapters cover a whole panoply of topics. Included are those important and curious milestones that occurred during World War I such as...

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