The Revolt of a State--North Dakota--Is Rapidly Spreading to Other States of the Middle West.

AuthorAnderson, Douglas

Just a little over a year ago, the politicians of North Dakota were amused at the antics of a bunch of farmers, who were attempting to organize a new political movement, which took no account of the political and financial overlords of the state. Then an election was held. The politicians have been rubbing their eyes ever since, and are still trying to figure out how it happened. The farmers, through their organization, the National Nonpartisan League, are now running the state of North Dakota.

The election of a farmers' candidate for Congress is not anything new in American politics. They have been elected with greater or less frequency in the past. More often than not, farmers' candidates furnish amusement in national financial and political circles, just as the early efforts of the League furnished North Dakota politicians with a subject for jest and ridicule.

The history of the National Nonpartisan League, until very recently, is a record of a struggle over purely domestic, political, and economic issues. It started, as most political movements do, because of the refusal of the politicians in control to give the people what they wanted.

It was called the...

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