The Revere Group: The Seattle label and flexible packaging manufacturer is thriving in a niche market using innovative flexographic printing technology.

Author:Katz, Steve
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9310 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA, USA

The Revere Group is a label and packaging company with a history that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. A true family business, the Seattle, WA-based packaging supplier and manufacturer has a long and rich history--its origins date back to the 1930s--and it is forging ahead by leveraging the latest in flexographic printing innovation.

Mark Revere is president of The Revere Group, and he proudly tells the story of how his grandfather, Marius Glerup, started the business in 1938. At first, the company was a one-man-show, with Marius serving as a broker of packaging materials. He sourced corrugated materials from the East Coast of the US, and then had them shipped to the Pacific Northwest via the Panama Canal. In addition to corrugated, Marius brokered several types of packaging for the candy and confectionary markets--a niche where the Revere Group continues to thrive in today.

In 1960, Bill Revere--Mark's father--joined Marius in the business. Bill's contributions were pivotal, as he engineered what was, at the time, a one-of-a-kind packaging concept. Explains Mark, "When my Dad came on board, he developed a product that was an aluminum foil with spot lamination. After struggling to find local manufacturers to produce it, he went overseas and found a partner that could create this structure. This product would become the predominant packaging material used in the fast food industry for sandwiches and hot food wraps," Mark says, adding, "My dad was the first to develop that market in the Northwest region."

In addition to its strong presence in candy packaging--supplying items such as doilies and candy cups--the company expanded its offerings to include food service, bag and general food packaging products. The small business was not yet manufacturing, however, but that would soon change.


Mark Revere feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with both his father and grandfather. And for some time, the trio comprised the entire workforce.

When Mark came on board in 1981, one of his first accomplishments was getting the organization computerized and automated. Growth was gradual, and as The Revere Group evolved, employees and new production lines were added. Mark credits the addition of a line of specialty packaging from Europe as being instrumental in the company's more than 30% annual growth rate for five straight years in the mid 80s.

He explains, "There were niche types of packaging that were big in Europe but hadn't taken off in the US. We saw an opportunity in taking certain types of candy packaging from being commodity-type products into the high-end gift market. And it was then that...

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