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In order to have diverse points of view for this month's question, we have reached both within and outside LMA and the legal profession.

I got into legal marketing to make a difference in the profession. However, day-to-day life in my firm is difficult, where support and appreciation can be hard to come by. How can I stay motivated and maintain my vision when it seems like my contributions are of little value to my firm?


Lisa Smith


Life at a firm can be challenging when it feels like an uphill climb. If lack of support for significant initiatives is preventing you from realizing your vision, start small. Find a piece of "low-hanging fruit" to show your value. Get a small group together just to plan an initiative, launch a thought leadership piece or put together a panel for targeted clients. When well executed, the simplest things can generate the most buzz. I've seen more positive feedback from getting one or two things done than from having a huge strategy session that generates an overwhelming list of tasks.

Once partners see forward-moving activity, they may want to getting involved in marketing themselves. They're also more likely to give you credit where credit is due. Finally, focus on things that interest you personally. If there's a specific practice or industry group that you find compelling, stay informed so you can bring news and ideas to that group. Little things that show you understand the firm's business and clients go a long way toward demonstrating your value.

Lisa Smith is director of marketing at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP in New York. Before law firm marketing, she practiced law in Shearman & Sterling's Capital Markets group.

Adam Stock


You won't be happy in legal marketing unless you change your perspective.

Marketing is more important in the legal industry than it ever has been. The opportunities to use new marketing channels such as blogs, social media, video and online media have exploded. Unlike more senior attorneys who built their practices without marketing, newer attorneys know that they need to build skills to bring in business. Not bringing in business is no longer an option for newer attorneys. Work with those newer attorneys and find your daily victories by using your creativity to help them.

You may have unreasonable expectations for appreciation. Attorneys provide vital services to clients for high fees. As a result, our attorneys don't get...

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