The public manager: the next generation.

Author:Sanders, Ron

It is no secret that change is a constant companion. Last spring, we devoted a whole issue of The Public Manager to how you can successfully lead through turbulence--and this journal is no different. From its roots as The Bureaucrat to its current quarterly print format, The Public Manager has adapted to your needs--not only in terms of the content that you want, but also in the ways you want to access that content. That's all changing ... and so must we.

These days, most government managers get the information they want online and on-demand, usually in digital form and often on a mobile device. If we want our publication to remain relevant to you, we must deliver value-added content to you when and how you want it.

So it's time to unveil the next generation of The Public Manager, what we'll call version 3.0. It is my privilege and pleasure to pen this column for the final print issue of this publication.

In September, The Public Manager will debut as a monthly, digital magazine that can be read on the device of your choice--phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The Public Manager will be a platform for collaboration--not just as a means for us to communicate with you, but for you to connect with us and each other. We'll share conversations with real leaders, and we'll deliver those conversations and other content to you in shorter,...

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