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AuthorErvin, Mike

Dearest Readers,

I have been writing for The Progressive since 1984. It all happened quite by accident, after a friend of mine wrote a feature about disability rights that was accepted by the magazine. But since she didn't have a disability, Editor Erwin Knoll asked her if she knew a disabled writer who could write a sidebar. She asked me to do it and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, I've often been honored to be included in these pages, for the past four years as a magazine columnist as well as a frequent website contributor. On the wall above my desk hangs a framed poster from The Progressive's 100th anniversary celebration in 2009. The poster lists the names of those who participated as speakers or panelists, including Dolores Huerta and Howard Zinn. It almost makes me laugh to see my name included among such amazing people. How ridiculous, I say...

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