For more than twenty-five years, the Progressive Media Project has worked to diversify the opinion pages of American newspapers. To make this happen, our editors train activists and staff from nonprofit social justice organizations to write op-eds. PMP staffers then edit and distribute these op-eds, along with others written by underrepresented voices, to newspapers across the country. Here are testimonials from some of our writers:

Op-ed: The Public Education of Linda Brown

Since 2002, I have been a columnist with the Progressive Media Project and it is a proud title I am willing to have. It not only allows me to write, but I get an opportunity to reach individuals and communities most in need of a progressive viewpoint. PMP has allowed me to be a voice in the daily discourse toward advancing a fair society.

Op-ed: Vote 'No' on the Amendment to Dump State Treasurer

I can accurately say, as a result of the Progressive Media Project, we preserved democracy in Wisconsin. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to make their voice heard.

Op-ed: The Reality of Everyday Racism

I have...

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