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AuthorLibby, Daniel K.

Dear Progressive reader,

Abraham Lincoln once said, "The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present." As the midterm elections recede into the past, we remain faced with perhaps the most challenging threat to our democracy since the Civil War, and it will require a new approach if we hope to maintain our future freedoms.

The stage has been set for 2024, and we all need to "fight like hell."

The Progressive is a reader-supported, nonprofit, independent news organization that has fought for progressive ideals since 1909, and we have remained on the front lines because of supporters like you.

We need you in this fight! Please use the enclosed envelope to send your donation today, or visit us online at

My role as director of development for The Progressive is to connect readers who share similar values and, in doing so, help broaden the reach of this historic and much-needed...

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