The problem with being Hillary: liar, liar, nation on fire.

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"Independent and undecided voters are called upon to assess whether statements made by Donald Trump that may have irritated or offended them are of equal or greater gravitas than actions taken by Hillary Clinton in public office," declares Jonathan W. Emord, an attorney and the principal of Emord and Associates, Clifton, Va., and the author of several books, including Restore the Republic--How the American People Can Once Again Be Free and Prosperous.

"While Trump's 'counterpunches' land hard on those he 'hits' and offend many sensitive to their implications, they never have placed in peril U.S. intelligence operatives or methods; resulted in the death of Americans overseas; misled the public concerning the actions of terrorist enemies of the U.S.; or placed the most vital secrets of this nation at risk. That horrible history is the unique legacy of Hillary Clinton in public service. Viewed fairly and impartially, nothing Donald Trump has said or done comes close to equaling the dire consequences to our nation that stem from what Hillary Clinton has said and done."

In short, adds Emord, while one of the chief pro-Clinton partisans, Pres. Barack Obama, calls Trump "unfit" to serve as president, the fact is that Trump has done nothing that would constitute a basis for legal disqualification, but the same cannot be said of Clinton.

Moreover, "Clinton's repeated false statements to the American people--from her lies about the source of the Benghazi attack to those denying receipt of classified information to her private server to her falsehoods to the families of the Americans slain by terrorists in...

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