The prince has new shoes.

Position:What's New? - Brief Article - Product/Service Evaluation

If it can be boiled down to just one thing, agility is the ability most needed to play tennis or, to put it more precisely, play tennis well. So, our ears naturally perked up plenty when we got wind of the new T10 shoe from Prince Sports, Inc., Bordentown, N.J., part of the much heralded Agility Series of equipment. Having recently acquired Prince's [O.sup.3] racquet--which has ensured our being the envy of the local courts--we knew the T10 would only enhance our reputation for being the best-equipped player in the community. Moreover, what good is a top-flight racquet if you can't chase down the ball?

For Prince, it's all about the technology. The T10 is crafted with the latest in footwear engineering to provide enhanced support and comfort. The adjustable 4Foot Wrap provides a glovelike fit specifically designed to lock the foot in place and prevent it from sliding forward on quick stops. The T10 has a molded midsole with forefoot and heel inserts for superior shock dispersion and impact absorption. The forefoot...

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