The Power of the U.S. Airline Lobby.

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It is known in the U.S. that airlines control both land and space. There are a few laws protecting travelers on the books. It'sjusttoo bad that regulators--in this case the FAA, the Justice Department, and the Transportation Authority (DOT)--do not enforce thern, or some have never taken effect.

Delta, for instance, spent over $6.4 million in lobbying activities in 2017. The airline is not represented by Airlines for America (formerly Air Transport Association), an industry trade group that keeps consumers, regulators and politicians in the pocket.

To insist that DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Division is doing its job goes against the reality at most U.S. airports.

This division's concerns include seating families together at no extra charge, baggage fees and refunds when bags are late to arrive or arrive damaged, missing connections due to delays, denied seating, uncomfortable or harmful seating, overbooking, and flight cancellations, among other issues.

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