THE POWER OF FRANCHISE OPERATIONS AND TRAINING: Compelling reasons to turn your attention to your franchise operations, systems and training.

Author:Riley, Cordell

What do you see when you visit one of your franchise locations? Do you see: a business where employees wear your uniform, products are displayed and approved properly, and that lets you sense the power of your strong brand at work?

Or, do you see: an operation where employees are wearing whatever they want with many non-franchise-approved products and services being sold, where signage is not uniform and you sense the feeling that you are visiting just another random company and not one part of your franchise family?

If you find yourself in that second kind of location, then you are in a franchise where the owner has decided to ignore your plan and run the business as though it were his or her personal enterprise and not a franchise at all. How serious a problem is that? It's a very serious problem indeed. When individual franchises are not run in compliance with your franchise's system and operations manual, your entire franchise becomes weaker, less profitable and devalued in the marketplace. As a result, the growth of your franchise slows and stalls.

However, when owners comply with your system, many positive outcomes follow. Let's explore some of the reasons why.

Following the right route.

Existing franchisees are great validators for your system. They can tell prospective owners how the company has had their back, relay how it offers proven systems and training, but also share how great of a franchise and brand it is to own and represent. Existing franchisees are better able to expand in size and add new locations because they are utilizing proven tools that require less effort and investment on their part.

All your locations play a vital role in supporting and building a unified and powerful brand. Individual franchises become more profitable by using the advertising and marketing programs that your parent company makes available to them. Your franchisees are happier and make fewer costly mistakes because they are using a proven system that has been tested.

Customers like to do business with you because they value working with a company that delivers a consistent and excellent customer experience. How do you develop and deliver training that helps your current franchises grow and prosper, attracts new franchisees and supports system-wide development?

Make sure training is part of your franchise culture.

That means writing it into the franchise's new mission and vision statements, talking about it at conferences and conventions...

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