The post-COVID turnover has begun: 4 tips to keep workers from jumping ship.

During the pandemic, quit rates fell to their lowest level in a decade. But now vaccinated and freed from confinement, many employees are getting ready to look for work elsewhere. In fact, more than half of employees in a new survey say they plan to look for a new job in 2021.

It's not too late to put the brakes on this pent-up turnover. Here are some steps employers are using to convince their workers to stay:

1 Offer continued telework. Let employees choose whether to return to your facilities all the time, some of the time or not at all. Failing to offer a choice may spark departures. Nearly three-quarters of employers believe that most of their employees prefer a hybrid home/remote schedule.

2 Allow more time off. Give fatigued workers an opportunity for a real break--something more than a week vacation. Suggest ways staff members could combine accumulated paid leave with unpaid, jobprotected leave.

The promise of continuing benefits eligibility could prevent wanderlust from turning into a full-blown resignation. For long-tenured employees, consider offering sabbaticals of several months.

3 Provide child care benefits. In coming months, many working parents will still need to find day care for their kids, especially if schools are slow to reopen. Seek child care options near work. Or work with other nearby employers to offer on-site child care.

4 Find ways to make your culture more inclusive. After a tumultuous year, some employees may be fed up with the slow pace of change at your organization related to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Commit to tackling pay inequity issues. Revise your recruitment strategy to broaden your pool of...

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