THE POST COVID CONSUMER: Buyers Unmask New Plans To Shave Costs And Shred Cares.


37,000 high income insurance clients of 150 high income agents Want "Fresh" when the Refresh Comes: Results of a survey by the Private Risk Management Association

Key Findings 76% 76% OF RISK MANAGERS RESPONDING TO THE SURVEY SAID THAT FAMILY SAFETY AND FINANCIAL CONCERNS STEMMING FROM THE PANDEMIC ARE IMPACTING THEIR CLIENTS. 54% NEARLY 54% CITE CATASTROPHIC WEATHER (HURRICANES, FLOODS & FIRES) WORRIES KEEP THEIR CLIENTS UP AT NIGHT 50% 50% SAY TRAVEL AND PERSONAL SAFETY WEIGHS ON THE MINDS OF THEIR CLIENTS. 36% 36% SAY THE ABILITY TO SECURE AND KEEP INSURANCE COVERAGE IS ALSO A PRESSING ISSUE. * A December 2020 Private Risk Management Association survey documented the leading concerns of insurance consumers going into 2021. Understandably, the coronavirus, travel and family safety, weather, and the ability to retain insurance coverage top the list. More than one-hundred-fifty agents and brokers representing 37,000 clients found many feeling vulnerable about the future.

Some stats:

* 76-percent of risk managers responding to the survey said that family safety and financial concerns stemming from the pandemic are impacting their clients

* Nearly 54-percent cite catastrophic weather (hurricanes, floods &amp...

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