The Olympic Picasso's Connection to Franchising.


One of the franchising community's top leaders has a first-hand view of the "drive to win" needed to succeed at the Olympic Games. Any Lab Test Now CEO Clarissa Bradstock's husband is Roald Bradstock, an Olympic athlete in the javelin and award-winning artist. The multi-talented couple travelled to the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

Clarissa Bradstock has worked diligently to grow the Any Lab Test Now brand. Over the past three years, she's focused on unit-level economics and franchisee satisfaction. A dedicated strategic planner, she is also a former standup comedian.

Roald started throwing things around in his native Great Britain when he was just six years old. When not fine-tuning his javelin skills, Roald explored his creative side, either drawing or sculpting. He competed in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics. It wasn't long before his love of painting attracted the eyes of the International Olympic Committee. He has earned the nickname of "Olympic Picasso." Roald spent three weeks at the 2018 Winter Games creating art with athletes at a studio in the heart of the Olympic Village.

When searching for creative ways to solve issues in the company, Clarissa looks at her husband's paintings and "it inspires me to be creative and think outside the box when running this business. I often think if he can throw javelin 275 feet and compete in the Olympics, I can tackle any business challenge that comes my way."

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