The business of practice ... meets the business of ammunition.

Author:Smith, Clint

With the current costs of ammunition it is often hard to justify casual shooting or sometimes even defensive practice in addition to the overall general cost of just day-to-day living. Ammunition costs went up a nominal 11 percent in January and we can expect another price increase towards the middle of this year. With baseline raw material costs and/or metal shortages the ammo makers simply need to raise their prices so as to continue making a profit, which is understandable since even making ammunition is a business. Understanding the business and profit aspect doesn't make it any easier for those of us who buy ammunition on a regular basis.

Another business perspective is the cost of ammunition affects our ability to run a shooting school with the current school joke being--sort of--pretty soon it will cost more for the ammunition than it will cost for the class tuition for those seeking instruction and training. Add to the cost of ammunition the tuition and the cost of travel and lodging and very soon it becomes an expensive proposition. And all of this affects you, the consumer.

One of the biggest issues from a teaching point of view is the students who attend training need to continue or maintain a level of skill after they pay for and attend the training. Simply, if you take a class and don't handle or shoot the firearm for six months, I firmly believe that six months from now, at three in the morning, you will not remember what you learned in training. More importantly, you will not rise to the occasion. In reality, you will probably default to the lowest skill level for your personal defense.


Options of course are reloading ammunition to save money. Another maybe to partner up with someone and load ammunition by the team concept both in the initial investment for equipment and the actual loading, being careful to focus on the business of loading and not making it a social event.


I believe practice is practice and so state in every class lecture I give. If you like IDPA or IPSC or Cowboy Action Shooting then shoot in the things you enjoy. Even though these sports may not be a true representation of what you may do or want to do in a personal defense mode they are still excellent forums to practice applying the proper use of the trigger and sights.

Another approach to money conservation may be to use .22 rimfire firearms comparable to your carry firearms. Yes, recoil will be less than...

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