Author:Ellis, Josh

When the opportunity to land Kathy Ireland for the cover of SUCCESS came together, we were ecstatic. For one thing, I'm not sure there's a cover person in the history of the magazine industry that has sold more copies on newsstands than the former swimsuit supermodel.

But one doesn't have to look far beyond that to see that this woman illustrates exactly the kind of long-term personal growth, progress and pursuit of her potential that we champion for all of our readers. Ever since she was a teenager, Ireland has been consistently learning, creating and building. Slowly, quietly, she had created a business empire. Kathy Ireland is proof of the value of consistency, and her achievements inspired this, The Consistency Issue of SUCCESS, a guidebook for lifelong learning, establishing positive habits and the dogged pursuit of bold dreams.

In life, few things are more consistent than change. So it's apropos that this issue marks a new consistency for SUCCESS. Subscribers may have noticed that this issue came a month earlier than they were expecting. That's because, as of this issue, we have expanded from a quarterly publication to a bimonthly.

Rather than four copies of SUCCESS per year, you can now expect six copies, all of the same size...

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