The next 80 years.

Position:FROM THE EDITOR - Financial Executive magazine 80th anniversary - Editorial

Next year, 2014, will mark the 80th anniversary of Financial Executive magazine. It will also mark the first step in our digital transformation and a reimagining of our highly-valued print publication.

Early in the New Year Financial Executive magazine will launch a new destination site tailored to provide chief financial officers (CFOs), controllers, treasurers and other senior-level financial professionals with daily news and analysis.

It's no secret that our members and readers in high-level financial positions are required to react to information throughout the clay, and this new site will offer a vast array of valuable information to help you stay current on [he important need-to-know information that impacts your activities. Importantly, you will be able to access the content easily--from your desktop, tablet or phone.

The in-depth, detailed thought leadership that Financial Executive magazine has pioneered through the years will continue, and we will also continue to publish the print edition as an exclusive, member-only benefit each quarter.

The new, redesigned format will give FEI members the ability to drill-down in deiail on the most important financial topics. There will also be a greater emphasis in both the print and online versions including the voices of our chapters and members--our most valuable resources.

The goal of this transformation is to follow our members and readers where they are these days: often online. In the first issue of The Controller magazine--FE's predecessor in 1934--Editor Daniel Hennessy wrote...

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