The new and the fresh.

Position:LETTERS - Letter to the editor

The Autumn 2010 AMERICAN SCHOLAR is a treasure through and through, and on the outside, too. I felt the welcome of the cover's new look and format, but the themes and the writers are especially magnificent, stirring me with the snugness of McSorley's Saloon ("We'll Always Have McSorley's," Robert Day), the uplift of wonder ("Wonderlust," Tony Hiss), and so forth. Do it again.


Charleston, South Carolina

It's not the format that makes this magazine worthwhile. It's the content. Yes, the polar bear and her cubs on the cover are endearing, and pertinent to a familiar topic, global warming, although it is inconceivable that any educated American might find it new. What stands out with almost shocking freshness in this issue is Tony Hiss's essay, "Wonderlust." He simply reminds us that our capacity for childlike wonder is always at hand if we give it a chance, always ready to "redeem the time." The commonplace, he demonstrates, like Jean-Henri Fabre's garden, is waiting to amaze and delight us. Wonder leads in two directions--to...

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