The necessity of a world leader.

Author:Garner, Godfrey

The terror events of these past two serve as a stark proclamation which announces that the world is in need of a drastic change in policy and method of operation. We must today, as a human race, resolve to offer an alternative. Far too many people have been slaughtered due, in part, to the course we have taken, and this trend shows no sign of changing. The fact that so many millions of people feel the need to abandon their home, the one single safe place they have, and flee, often on foot with their children, the sick and the elderly in tow, is unacceptable and reaches a level of inhumanity, no human being can accept.

The vast understatement today is, 'the world is in dire straits'. Entire cultures are being destroyed. This is by no means a solely Muslim issue but the fact remains that while a large segment of the Muslim population on virtually every continent seems intent on world domination in the form of a caliphate, research indicates that an equally large segment of more moderate Muslims are in partial agreement.

Compounding this is the fact that, the youngest generations of cultures from every nation in the world are in tune to the message of extremism and are at the very least, refusing to reject it out of hand. That group of young men - that segment of the population which grows larger every day and proportionately more intense in their embrace of extremism. And their leaders are indoctrinating them in the twisted religiously mandated necessity of slaughtering every man, woman and child, Muslims included, who take exception to their ideology.

The world cannot discount the added effect this extremist ideology has on young, displaced Muslim men, fleeing from the unchecked inhumanity of so many national leaders. As a culture of human beings, we are in trouble. Surely, the only people who do not agree with that assessment are those who simply refuse to open their eyes.

Lest we lose sight of similar problems and allow the problem of Islamic refugees fleeing their homeland to overshadow disasters in other parts of the world, we must remember that below America's southern border, the northern triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are producing a flood of thousands of displaced people, fleeing violence and oppression of a different sort.

Though a perfect storm of events have coalesced to contribute to this disastrous state, many analysts agree that the greatest negative impact of events is a severe dearth of leadership on the world stage. Cries of, "let someone else take the responsibility of leadership for a while", or "this is not our problem", or "we have our own problems to deal with", have pooled frustration, and now seem to have become the 'voice of common sense and reason'.

The world today must pause and take a long hard look at the concept of a true functioning world leader. Avoiding such a concept simply postpones inevitable disaster as we have seen multiple times this decade. From the perspective of an American citizen and one who has served and is aware of this need, the question is, does America qualify?

Consider the concept of America as such a world leader. Questions that may present themselves in such consideration include the obvious, is this necessary, but also, what would qualify a nation to be such a leader? Would such a world leader, as a nation be within its right, in demanding that it be compensated for the cost of doing the job? After all taking on this responsibility for that nation would be costly in many ways. And finally, to what extent should this nation...

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