The NAMM Show 09.

Position:National Association of Music Manufacturers


The annual 2009 NAMM (National Association of Music Manufacturers) Show was conducted from January 15 to January 18, 2009, at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Known as the longest running trade show in the United States, the NAMM Show welcomed thousands of retailers and manufacturers of musical instruments and products from all corners of the planet (representing over 100 countries). Despite the turbulent condition of today's global economy, NAMM drew the highest annual attendance once again to the Anaheim Convention Center.

NAMM's mission is "to unify, lead and strengthen the global music products industry and increase active participation in music making." For over a century now, the event continues to attract a growing and thriving worldwide community of thousands of passionate, talented and innovative companies that make, buy and sell the instruments that allow millions of people to make music. In other words, this is the largest gathering in the world that congregates NAMM members and music manufacturing industry attendees who want to see the latest innovations and developments in music making. It's the ultimate "candy-store" for musicians and music aficionados, showcasing just about every musical instrument (acoustic and electronic) known to man, in addition to music accessories, amplifiers, speakers, professional audio and video equipment, books, sheet...

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