The mystery of black.

AuthorWachtel, George
PositionLetter Doctor

The black of night. The black box. A black hole. Black has always had an allure and mystery to it. In this mailing piece, Visa uses both the color and the name to promote their high-end credit card.


1 The envelope: The piece comes in the mail in an oversized, black window envelope. The cornercard just says "Black Card" and on the flip side, the flap says "Invitation Enclosed"--both in gold-colored ink. This attention-getting envelope could only have been improved by using a live, standard rate postage stamp--instead of the pre-printed indicia.

2 The look: The upscale image is somewhat lost on the inside. The personalized communication piece is a white card with black type and the headline "Black Card" ... elegant or too plain? I think the latter. They could have at least carried to gold color to this element and had a more inviting headline like "You deserve only the best," or "Limited only to the top 1%."

3 Name Personalization: Nice job of cleaning up the address block and creating a personalized "Mr. Gross" salutation.

4 The opening paragraph: This is too long for the small card; and could have been broken in two pieces. And I would have maintained the high ground and "offered the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive Black Card," rather than "inviting them to apply." (The reader is still asked to complete an application in the last paragraph).

5 Made with carbon. This is a very intriguing distinguishing...

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