The 'Museum Fee' Model.

Author:Wagner, Adam
Position:Letter to the editor

Editor's Note: This is a return to a topic that appeared in the March 2018 issue ("A Change In Mentality," Letters To The Editor). Dealer Adam Wagner was weighing the decision to move into a "consultation" model for products like optics in his store--here's an update.

A guy walks into our store and says, "Hey, here's your magazine. I mean, I guess it's yours. It has your name on it." I take the March issue of Shooting Industry and open to the first random page and say, "Yep, my name is on it, and in it! There's the letter to the editor I wrote!" So, thank you for publishing that--it was kind of funny timing with an audience. One of my employees wanted to read it and I told him, "It's nothing you haven't heard me say before." He read it and said, "Yeah, like just this morning."

We're moving forward with trying out the "museum fee" model I mentioned in my previous letter. I had the trifecta of insults last week and it broke the "camelbak" (a little survival humor there). A guy comes in and asks me a million questions about stuff but was just here to window shop. Then another guy comes in and gets a "free consultation" just to say to my face, "I'll buy it online so I don't have to pay sales tax." Finally, a marketing company calls me to re-up my annual support of the local high school football team. I told them "Well, I would but I didn't hear a single person in the last two years come in to thank me or buy something because I did the calendar ad." If you think about it, they want local support but they're not supporting locally.

So with all three in one...

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