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Sugar Hill

Terry Baker Mulligan

Impulse Press

6256 Fauquier Dr.

St. Louis, MO 63105

9780984692903 $17.99 pbk. / $4.99 Kindle

Winner of an Independent Publisher Book Award, Sugar Hill: Where The Sun Rose Over Harlem is a true-life memoir from author Terry Baker Mulligan, who grew up in Harlem during the mid-20th century. Her anecdotes tell of snuff-dippers, the people who followed Fidel Castro, interracial marriage in a time before the practice had gained universal acceptance, tensions between West Indians and Southern blacks, and much more. When Mulligan herself was a young Catholic girl, she protested to devout nuns that the concept of Limbo was unfair; she continued question authority as her life unfolded. She made friends with the legendary Willie Mays in a shoeshine parlor and painted posters for the 1957 March on Washington, but was never quite able to fully become a member of junior black society. A handful of vintage black-and-white photographs illustrate this vivid testimony, highly recommended.

My Life in America Before, During and After the Civil War

Louis Hensel, author

Translated by Sigrid Wilshinsky

Jo-An Books

c/o Jo-An Pictures, Ltd.

PO Box 6020, New York, NY 10150

News & Experts (publicity)

3748 Turman Loop, Suite 101, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

9781890719135 $26.00

Superbly translated into English from the original German by Sigrid Wilshinsky, My Life in America Before, During and After the Civil War gathers the correspondence of Louis Hensel (1817-1908), a man of many talents who traveled through America in the 1800's. Written during the final ten years of his life, Hensel's letters to his granddaughter in Germany relate an array of adventures. From his work as an artisan ivory carver, in Manhattan, to his service as an Officer and Master of the Horse in the Union Cavalry during the Civil War, his personal witness of President Abraham Lincoln's meeting with armed American Indian tribal leaders, and much more. An unpretentious account of real-life challenges more engrossing than fiction, My Life in America Before, During and After the Civil War is an extraordinary, up-close and personal appraisal of American History in the making, highly recommended.

The Third Burden, updated edition

Eric Hughes

Wendibrand Publishing Company

PO Box 6710, Washington, DC 20020

9780971913103, $15.00 print / $7.99 Kindle,

"The Third...

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