The many forms of luxury: the major interior design trends for private jets today are marked by the ability to make these aircraft an extension of their owners' personalities, as well as achieving an onboard experience similar to life on the ground.

Author:Villegas, Natalia

An aquarium with tropical fish, surrounded by furniture that evokes life at the bottom of the sea; a casino table; a piano; a design that goes with the camel color of a Hermes briefcase or that extends and maintains the style of a specific yacht. These are just a few examples of the requests made by the most well-to-do for the luxurious interiors of their private jets.

But beyond being extravagant demands, they are an example of the most popular trend in interiors of private aircraft: personalization. In an increasingly diverse market, where customers range from businessmen and women to movie stars and basketball players, the goal is for each jet to reflect the tastes and personality of the owner. The look may be discreet and subdued or extroverted with pizzazz to set it apart.

Last July, Forbes Magazine identified the personalization of private jets as one of the eight most important trends in the travel market.

According to what Daron Dryer, director of engineering at Comlux, told the British newspaper Daily Mail, the personalization of narrow cabin private jets could cost between $25 and $35 million, while in larger cabins, like those of the widebody A380s, the price tag ranges up to $90 million.

It's not just one single style, then, that takes the lead. The trick is to offer variety and differentiation. It's the possibility of choosing even the smallest detail and pushing barriers to find ways to accommodate those elements that makes each design unique.

"Like a made-to-measure suit, we have done everything to understand our customers as much as possible and to offer them a unified design proposal that's pretty, functional, and that matches their personal style," says Stephane Leroy, regional vice-president of sales for Latin America of Bombardier Business Aircraft. That's why the focus of their global platform is the ability to adjust the interior to the whim of each customer, so the company develops variations that range from contemporary and minimalist to the most traditional and ornate.

Within this infinity of possibilities, there are still some considerations that make it possible to identify certain styles. One example is the region of the world where these products are marketed. Leroy says that, just like fashion, the trends in interior design vary from one culture to another. "For example, in China people like French brands and luxury watches (...); India has a heritage rich in luxury, clothing and jewels, and so their esthetic preferences...

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