The man from Accenture: Pedro Garcia: Managing Director of Financial Services, Client Lead North America of Accenture.

Author:Moreno, Eric

Pedro Garcia is the Managing Director of Financial Services, Client Lead North America, one of the leading professional service firms in the world specializing in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Garcia, a native of Venezuela, has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, primarily in software development.

"All my life, I thought that I was going to be a doctor," he explained. "One day I got up and said to myself,' I need to do something.! was always good with numbers and I started getting interested in engineering. I applied to a very good university in Venezuela and, five years later, I got into computer engineering."

He has used this experience, as well as his drive for innovation and passion for technology, to help guide his company to become a global leader in the industry.

"I wanted to learn and travel. I joined Accenture in 1985 and have been a consultant for 27 years and worked in 15 different countries with them," he said. "One of the great aspects of our company is that we move people around. That way they can gain experience and work in different environments, and that is what our clients want."

Garda's travels took him to Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and many other Latin American countries. In his role as a consultant with the company, he has been afforded not only the luxury of travel, but also the ability to continuously grow and learn.

"In 2005, I became responsible for our portfolio of clients in Latin America," he said. "During that time, our business interests in Latin America grew by 40 percent. We worked with all these financial players; each of our clients has a...

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