The Madonna of Notre Dame.

Author:Carter, Monica
Position:Book review

Alexis Ragougneau and Katherine Gregor (translator); THE MADONNA OF NOTRE DAME; New Vessel Press (Fiction: Translations) 15.95 ISBN: 9781939931399

Byline: Monica Carter

An egregious murder in a beloved church initiates a compelling whodunit in this energetic and original crime novel.

How do you catch a killer in one of the world's most celebrated churches, particularly during the Feast of the Assumption? In playwright Alex Ragougneau's The Madonna of Notre Dame, an egregious murder leads to a compelling whodunit.

The morning after the Feast of the Assumption mass, an American tourist discovers that the beautiful woman kneeling beside her is not praying; in fact, she is dead. The deceased is a mixture of beauty and chastity, a provocative Mary-esque package. The church is shut down and the police are called.

Ragougneau has a keen sense for character and wastes no time introducing the locals -- an eccentric older woman who comes daily to the cathedral, a wizened police detective, a damaged workaholic, and a sickly priest all figure in. Over the course of seven days, austere prose is used to delve deeper and deeper into the mystery, as well as the troubles of the characters involved.


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