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Position:Almost English - The Kills - The Marrying of Chani Kaufman - Transatlantic - Book review


By Charlotte Mendelson

When 16-year-old Marina tries to reinvent herself by leaving her mother and close Hungarian relatives in West London for Combe Abbey, a traditional English boarding school, she starts to realize that everything her family has sacrificed for her has been for naught. Meanwhile, her emotionally fragile mother must deal with her own painful secrets.


By Richard House

In this 1,000-page multimedia thriller, a shady contractor schemes to embezzle funds from an American building venture in the Iraqi desert. But House is not only interested in the crime itself; he is just as interested in showing how this crime reverberates around the globe, what drives people to commit murder, and how people become victims. This thriller, which has extra video content available from the Web, contains four related novellas, set around the world.


By Eve Harris

Harris's comic debut novel features an arranged marriage between two young Orthodox Jews in London: 20-year-old Baruch Levy, the son of a wealthy landlord who, destined to train as a rabbi, would rather study at a university, and Chani Kaufman, 19, one of eight daughters from a shabbier home. Each has rejected their various suitors; each lives in fear of their wedding night and the expectations imposed on them by their families and community.


By Colum McCann

A three-pronged narrative, Trans Atlantic tells the stories of former British World War I aviators, the first to cross the Atlantic nonstop in a plane in 1919; the freed slave Frederick Doug-lass, on a two-year tour to promote his Autobiography; and in 1998, Senator George Mitchell, in Northern Ireland to broker a deal between the British and the Irish to end decades of violence. Running throughout the novel is the story of an Irish...

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