The list: Movers & Shakers in America.

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Leadership is ...

When you're responsible to oversee more than 13,000 restaurants ... when you can prevent millions of undocumented people from obtaining their driver's licenses ... when one of your paintings sells for over $400,000.... when you have the responsibility to regulate the publicly traded companies ... when your book sells 2 million copies.... when the First Lady calls you personally to design her Inauguration gown ... when you own the biggest Jaguar dealership in the world ... when the company you created is worth $500 million within five years of its creation ... when you win one or more Olympic medals.... when your name appears in bean cans in the shelves of all supermarkets across America ... when you are changing the way Americans eat their breakfasts ... when you own the largest Spanish TV network ... when you lead a strike that leaves a whole city without janitors ... when you are awarded the Nobel prize, and also when you are the biggest employer of Latinos. But this list is not only about leadership. It's a list about power, about influence. It's about being able to make things happen.

These are just a few examples of what Latinos are capable of doing today. Although we're almost positive that there are many more examples of the power within Latinos, these are the ones we came to know most about in our research.

Movers and Shakers is the right term to describe these admirable individuals. Every one of them has a story of leadership and achievements that many times look shadowed by the actual level of power they hold or have held. But they are only the top of the pyramid that is moving our times; these are the real leaders, setting the pace millions will follow.

After a year of research, Latino Leaders is proud to present you our own consideration of who are the one hundred and one most powerful and influential leaders amongst Latinos. In The List, you will find, not only Latinos influencing America, but some non-Latinos influencing the Latino Community as well. Of course we have not included many others with a similar profile of leadership--there are so many we would not have enough room here for all of them--but our main interest was to present a list of leaders who were 100% Movers and Shakers. We hope you enjoy it.

The Bottom Line ....

Where Do they Live? California dominates by far, with almost 33% of the 101 residing there, followed by New York with 14.85% and Florida with 11.88%. STATE TOT % AR 1 0.99% CA 33 32.67% CO 2 1.98% DC 10 9.90% FL 12 11.88% GA 1 0.99% IL 5 4.95% MD 1 0.99% MI 3 2.97% NJ 3 2.97% NM 3 2.97% NY 15 14.85% OK 1 0.99% OTHER 2 1.98% PA 1 0.99% TX 6 5.94% VA 1 0.99% WA 1 0.99% Total 101 100.00% What is their Gender? Of the total of 101 individuals profiled, 75 were males, 23 were females and 3 were families. In profiles of organizations, the gender of the President was used to categorize the profiles. Gender Breakdown Females 24% Families 3% Males 73% Note: Table made from pie chart. Age Range (10 Years Intervals) How Old Are They? More than 50% are between the ages of 51 and 61. The next closest group is only ten years younger. Age Intervals (29-39) 9.28% (40-50) 24.74% (51-61) 52.58% (62-72) 8.25% (73-83) 4.12% (84-94) 1.03% Note: Table made from bar graph. Country of Origin Venezuela 2 Dom. Rep. 2 Unknow 4 Other 6 PR 9 USA 11 Cuba 16 Mexico 51 Note: Table made from bar graph. Where Do They Come From? This category refers to the ethnic origin of the 101 Leaders. Not all of them are Hispanic; in those cases, their heritage is listed as "USA". There were four Hispanic-Americans whose origin was not determined. They are listed under "Unknown". The Organizations included were listed under USA. Mexico dominates with slightly over 50% of the total, followed by Cuba with 15.84%, then the USA with 10.89%; Puerto Rico follows with 8.91%. The countries included in the category "other" are: Austria, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. Breakdown by Countries: Mexico 51 50.50% Cuba 16 15.84% USA 11 10.89% Puerto Rico 9 8.91% Other 6 5.94% Unknown 4 3.96% Dom. Rep. 2 1.98% Venezuela 2 1.98% How to Read a Profile:

Placement by Alphabetical Order


Area of Influence



Pablo Raul Alarcon, Sr. & Raul Alarcon, Jr.

Job Title

Alarcon Sr: Director of the Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) Alarcon, Jr: President/CEO/Chairman of SBS

Age: Sr. 78/Jr. 47 Residence: Miami, FL

Who they are: Pablo Raul Alarcon, Sr. began a radio station in Cuba in the 1950s. He fled Castro's regime for the U.S., and bought his first NY radio station in 1983. Today, his company, Spanish Broadcasting System, owns 19 FM stations, one AM station and is the largest Hispanic-controlled radio broadcasting company in America. His son Raul is the Chief Executive Officer and President. SBS forbids playing any Cuban national artists' songs on its stations.


Why they made the list: This powerhouse father-son team worked their way up to become two of the most powerful and influential men in the U.S. Hispanic media. Undeterred by the struggle of fleeing his homeland, Pablo Raul Alarcon found his way in a new country and provided a better-even stellar--life for his first-generation son.

Our Prediction: The top Spanish-language radio stations in New York and L.A. will remain under SBS control. Although it has grown since 1995, the company's web site, may not show the same prowess as its airwaves.

Contact information

Contact: SBS (305) 441-6901

002 Arts

Luis Alfaro

Actor, Director, Playwright

Age: 42 Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Who he is: Born and raised in the Pico-Union district of downtown Los Angeles, Alfaro is a highly acclaimed playwright. His work has been published in various anthologies in the US. In 1997, Alfaro was awarded what he refers to as a "genius" grant from the MacArthur Foundation, which promotes the development of knowledge and individual creativity. He donated most of it to his parents.

Why he made the list: A dynamic force in contemporary theater, Alfaro has often brought his sharp political sensibility to the controversial subjects of AIDS and the gay lifestyle through his art. He has successfully overcome the staunchly entrenched east coast critics who once cried "regionalism" over his work, and he has proven with his innovative approach that he is one of the most important playwrights today. He has worked for four years as project director for Teatro VIVA, a Los Angeles AIDS-awareness theater troupe. As an actor and co-director of the Latino Theater Initiative at the Mark Taper Forum Theater, he has commissioned 15 new plays that give voice to the Latino community.

Our Prediction: An increasingly politicized Alfaro, with his wide array of talents is liable to do just about anything. But with all the recent arrivals to Hollywood from Latin America and their increasing influence on that community, we're looking for Alfaro to Connect with a big film director and make his debut in the feature film industry.

Contact: Helen Merrill, LTD. (212) 226-5015

003 Arts

Isabel Allende


Age: 62 Residence: San Rafael, CA

Who she is: Born in Chile in 1942 to a diplomat father, Allende traveled broadly during her childhood but returned to Chile as a teenager. Following a military coup in 1975, she fled, a victim of repression. Allende published her first and most acclaimed novel, The House of the Spirits, in 1985, and has lived and worked in the U.S. since 1988.

Why she made the list: Besides being a widely acclaimed author, Allende heads the Isabel Allende Foundation, a tribute to her daughter Paula, who died of porphyria disease in 1992. The foundation sponsors the Esperanza Grants to assist women and children in healthcare, education, employment, etc., the Paula Scholarship educational grants and the Espiritu Awards, to promote literacy, education, and healthcare.

Our Prediction: Her incursion into children's book produced the highly acclaimed City of the Beasts, a novel reminiscent of the famous Harry Potter series. With its unexpected success, we predict that Allende will take another shot at short story fiction, and perhaps create a new contender in the children's book category.


004 Corporate Executive

Linda Alvarado

President & CEO, Alvarado Construction Co.

Age: 52 Residence: Denver, CO

Who she is: Born in Albuquerque of Mexican descent, Alvarado has been a pioneer on several fronts. She was brought up in a highly competitive family with five brothers and no sisters. Guided by her mother's philosophy of "start small, but think big", she graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, Calif. And in 1976 started her own construction company with a $2,500 loan from her parents. Alvarado Construction has become one of the fastest growing commercial general contracting firms in the country, it was one of three firms that built the new Denver Broncos stadium and was also part of the construction of the Denver International Airport and the Colorado Convention Center. She has won a long list of awards, including the U.S. Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Business Woman of the Year.

Why she made the list: Alvarado's construction company is one of the fastest growing commercial general contracting firms in the country. She made history in 1991 when she became the first Hispanic to own a major baseball team, the Colorado Rockies. Her role also marked the first time that any female entrepreneur bid for ownership of a major league team. She also serves as a corporate director of Pepsi Bottling Group and Pitney Bowes, among others.

Our Prediction: Although mostly known for her construction company, Alvarado also runs Palo Alto Inc., a multi-unit franchise company with 82 Taco Bells and 48 Pizza Huts. Expect Alvarado to successfully boost that section of her venture by expanding Palo Alto's operation even more.

Contact: Alvarado Construction (773)890-0019

005 Corporate Executive

Ralph Alvarez

President, McDonald's USA

Age: 55...

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