The Leadership Detroit experience.

Author:Riney, Robert G.

In honor of Leadership Detroit's 25th anniversary, the Detroiter will feature a first-person report each issue during 2004 from LD graduates who are making a difference in their communities.

I have had the privilege of being involved in a rich variety of leadership programs throughout my career that have helped sharpen my leadership competencies. However, only one program, Leadership Detroit, has had a significant and profound impact on broadening the lens of how I view my role as a leader in both my professional work and the community.

Leadership Detroit simply provides a perfect learning laboratory in which one is surrounded by a diverse and incredibly talented group of colleagues that help challenge leadership assumptions and the impact of individual points of influence.

Six years beyond graduation from Leadership Detroit, I still find myself relying on the critical learning as well as the network of wonderful classmates and now friends that I had the privilege of taking this leadership journey with. My LD experience...

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