Author:Collins, Kevin

How does Wehaa's native directory platform help news publishers stay competitive in today's marketplace?

A common struggle with newspapers across the globe is capturing local advertiser revenue and providing a robust digital solution that delivers real value and ROI for their advertisers. Big aggregates have taken most of the pie, and local papers don't have the technology resources to stay competitive and relevant.

We all know most publishers have limited sales reps and most lack digital acumen needed to sell against the big players. In comes Wehaa, a technology vendor that provides innovative white label solutions for newspapers, magazines, broadcast companies, etc.

We know when creating a solution for publishers there are a couple of parts that are paramount, it must be easy to implement, work for big and small markets, have good margins and use cutting-edge technology to stay up with the competition.

That's why Wehaa has released a native directory platform designed to turn special sections into recurring revenue by capitalizing on local newspapers' brand equity and natural search authority.

The idea to create a platform started when some newspaper clients using Wehaa's real estate platform saw...

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