Author:Seaman, Dan

How did Viafoura transform its products to help news publishers build a community among readers?

The traditional way of engaging audiences on publisher sites has been to simply put comments at the bottom of articles. While this does generate some engagement, this is not a way to cultivate a real community. Community requires connections to be built between users and to facilitate genuine relationships between them.

Viafoura has been actively working on ways of turning comments on articles into thriving communities, and there are a few ways that we are approaching this.

First, we level up where the community lives.

If the community can only exist in the comments, it is hard for users to form connections and to continue to engage with each other once the article has fallen off the homepage of your site. We provide a site-wide notification feed that can act as the "home-base" for the community, allowing them to be aware of social interactions on the site without having to find their way back to articles they previously commented on.

We turn comments into real-time conversations. Our new real-time conversation tool takes comments to the next...

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