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What are your most popular sections, and what kind of special content can publishers expect in 2019?

When my wife, Beverly, and I launched Green Shoot Media in 2009, it was quite literally a family business. I wrote the stories and designed the pages myself. Beverly did the billing. Our kids helped us seal envelopes and apply stamps around the dining-room table.

Today, as we prepare to cross the milestone of 10 years in business, we've grown into one of the newspaper industry's leading providers of special section content. Our work has appeared in more than 600 newspapers in all 50 states, from tiny weeklies to major metro dailies. While I'd love to take the credit for that growth, I can't.

Instead, I think our success boils down to two things: an editorial team dedicated to quality, and listening closely to what our customers need.

Whenever a newspaper publisher or ad director asks us to add a topic, we try to find a way to say "yes." We've found that more often than not, if one publisher thinks a section will sell, there are a lot more publishers thinking the same thing.

Our most popular sections tend to fall into three categories: home and garden, senior citizens, and...

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