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Author:Long, Cindy
Position:Family features - Websites and visitor engagement - Column

What solution does Family Features have to enhance websites and visitor engagement?

For more than 40 years, Family Features has maintained and built our media network of more than 4,000 newspapers, magazines and websites across the country. Media users rely on our free, ready-to-publish content to fill their food, lifestyle and home and garden sections.

The content is easily downloaded from our editors' site ( and easy to run in their publications or on their websites. By working with national brands, associations and government agencies, Family Features creates high-quality content written to AP style and distributes it to publications nationwide. All content is free to editors as the sponsor pays us to create it.

Recipe videos are our latest solution to enhance websites and visitor engagement. Our team works with a variety of food brands to diligently craft custom recipe videos that not only leave viewers hungry but increase web visitors.

We work to keep these videos anywhere between a minute to a minute and a half as we have found brevity is key at the moment. Ingredients correlating with the steps are added to...

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