The King of Macy's.

Author:Cash-Clark, Regina
Position:Brief article - Book review

The King of Macy's by Fred Beauford Morton Books, Inc., January 2006 $15, ISBN 1-929-18811-0

Set in a very post-9/11 Los Angeles, this is a composite of social issues by a veteran writer. Aging actor Randy Dent has had a reasonably successful career, but now that he's 42, the roles have dried up. He's not exactly doing the Hollywood shuffle, but he has been relegated to a job in L.A. at Macy's department store, where he sells underwear and pajamas.

Yes, he's the King of Maw's, but will his true kingdom ever come? Sure enough, his big break may finally have arrived when he's asked to star in a play, a "classical political drama" with one of the best actors in the business. He'll play a black conservative who's kidnapped by a '60s radical. That's where the story line really takes off.

Beauford, a frequent contributor to BIBR, is also a publisher, professor and former editor of The Crisis magazine. In his latest novel, he gets into the mind of his main character with ease...

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