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Byline: David Donovan

Tired: Pontificating about how the legal profession will possibly cope with the scourge of Millennial lawyers.

Inspired: Pontificating about how the legal profession will possibly cope with the scourge of "Generation Z" lawyers.

Yes, the days of people complaining about how Millennials are ruining everything may finally be coming to end, as there is now a new, post-Millennial generation finally reaching adulthood that we can all complain about and analyze like they're some sort of newly discovered lifeform.

A Wake Forest University School of Law professor, Laura Graham, has written a forthcoming law journal article titled "Generation Z Goes to Law School: Teaching and Reaching Law Students in the Post-Millennial Generation."

To get everyone caught up, "Millennial" and "Generation Z" are both entirely artificial social constructs. There's no consensus where one ends and the other begins, but today's college students are probably the earliest members of a cohort called Generation Z for silly reasons (just be thankful that we've finally reached the end of the alphabet).

An abstract for Graham's article draws from many of the tropes that dominate the punditry about Millennials: there are some sweepingly broad generalizations (Z's are insecure and anxious, and growing up more slowly, apparently) and suggests "concrete strategies for legal educators to address the challenges presented by Generation Z students." The Z's "haven't learned how to critically read and deeply analyze information," Graham warns.

As it happens, in the downtime between writing these columns, Sidebar actually teaches LSAT preparation for an especially well-known test prep company, and so has gotten to know and work with quite a few students who are currently finishing...

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