The Jornadas As the Mirror of Argentina's Financial Woes, The Country's Resilience.


Never a dull moment at cable TV's Jornadas (meaning: Days) in the South Cone. This year, the event will be held September 25-27 at the traditional Hilton Buenos Aires, located in the Puerto Madero district of Argentina's capital city. If the TV sector is not dealing with new media laws, it is facing a 25 percent yearly inflation rate with bank interests reaching 40 percent.

But c'est la vie. Since its inception, the Jornadas has reflected the vicissitudes of Argentina's political environment, with the country going through six presidents and several economic and political crises.

Organized by two complementary cable organizations: ATVC for cable operators (MSOs) and CAPPSA for cable-satellite TV channels, the Jornadas are now celebrating 28 years and are once again inching towards a later date in September. In 2016, it was held on September 14-16. In 2017, it was on September 19-21.

As usual, the event, which covers the whole South Cone of Latin America, is divided between the conference and the exhibition. It offers an abundance of seminars (over 20 in a three-day period), while the exhibition portion tends to be given a reduced role by the organizers. In the past, to revitalize the market, it was suggested to contract the exhibition portion of Jornadas to specialized associations such as NATPE, but the organizers dismissed the idea.


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