The January Girl.

Author:Fisher, Cherie
Position:Book review

The January Girl

Goldie Taylor

Grand Central Publishing

237 Park Ave., New York, NY 10017

ISBN 9780446179560, $13.99

Thandy Malone appears to have everything going for her. She is a young black woman that has just become a president at an investment company. She appears to have it all, success, money and beauty. While it appears that she was born with a golden spoon, her past holds some very sad secrets. Escaping from an abusive home, she ran off with a man that became a drug dealer. She had a child to him, and when he got caught, she lost everything. Being a strong survivor, Thandy turned herself into a success, while still keeping her past a secret. Not even her daughter knew that her father was in prison.

Ten years ago, Thandy got involved with a wealthy, married surgeon. At the time, it appeared he would leave his wife. Well that never happened and when Thandy finds out that he is cheating on her as well, she dumps him. She moves to Chicago to take on her new career. She discovers that her situation was more complicated than she realized. Her lover, Jack is devastated. It takes her leaving him for him to realize how much she meant to him.

Jack's wife, Etienne, is an alcoholic. Years of Jack's inattentiveness caused her to turn to alcoholism for solace. She finally finds strength within herself to stand up for herself and...

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