The Iyo Bank operates 152 branches both within and outside Japan and has been using Oracle Database for over 15 years as part of its loan support system. After reviewing the companyas IT expenses, the IT department determined that increasing Oracle Database maintenance costs were a significant burden and needed to be reduced. While searching for a solution to address this, The Iyo Bank discovered that by adopting third-party support from Rimini Street, it would be possible to maintain its existing Oracle Database system at a significantly lower cost and avoid an expensive system upgrade, yielding both cost and internal resource savings.

The banking industry requires continuous, high-quality support for core systems and mission-critical databases. In addition, the profit environment surrounding regional banks is rapidly changing, and The Iyo Bank is working to transform their IT department from one that undertakes system development to one that proposes innovations using ICT technologies. As a result of reducing costs for their database system maintenance, The Iyo Bank will increase its competitiveness, acquire new customers and increase the satisfaction of existing customers by providing new added value and convenience to its customers. To accomplish this, instead of following a vendor-led IT roadmap based on software upgrade plans presented by the vendor, The Iyo Bank can now formulate and implement a business-driven roadmap in line with its business objectives. By switching to Rimini Street support, The Iyo Bank now receives ultra- responsive, high-quality support for their current Oracle Database for a minimum of 15 years from the time they switched to Rimini Street, and can drive their support savings toward the implementation of digital initiatives.

aMoving away from Oracle Database with high reliability was not an option for us because we rely heavily on our current system, but maintenance and related costs were a huge burden for a bank of our size,a said Mr. Shota Yano, IT department manager at The Iyo Bank. aWe were impressed by the cost benefits of Rimini Streetas third-party support, which will allow us to continue to maximize our database system for many years to come with no required upgrades, and...

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