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World Wide Web sites of interest to CPA members in business and industry.

Business Reference

Handy desk reference includes stock symbols, telephone area codes, foreign currency rates. shipping and postal information--and, as a bonus, a dictionary, thesaurus and even a foreign language translator.

Insurance Help

Northwestern Mutual Life provides information and interactive programs that help companies guage insurance needs. Check out the "small business insurance needs section."

Timety Pension Aid

Aaron Deitsch, FSA, a New York pension consultant, provides information on the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996 and related legislation, summaries and analyses, discussions of specific provisions and a list of organizations that provide additional information.

Online Tax Calculator

Taxware International (formerly AVP Systems) offers a free sales tax calculation service for any jurisdiction in the United States.

Executive Coaching and

Two Web sites explain what it's all about; both link to the same database of coaches.

Women In Business

The nonprofit American Business Women International helps women working in international trade...

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