The HR I.O. Test.

  1. What are the top two employment-law changes (in order) that HR professionals see affecting their businesses over the next 12 months?

    1. Income inequality, immigration

    2. Paid leave, income inequality

    3. Discrimination, paid leave

  2. The average per-employee cost for health benefits in 2020 was $13,502. Which size of company paid the highest per-employee cost?

    1. 50-499 employees

    2. 500-4,999 employees

    3. 5,000+ employees

  3. A new Ladders study says the median HR salary is $63,490. What city has the highest percentage of high-paying HR jobs?

    1. Miami, FL

    2. Sacramento, CA

    3. Bowling Green, KY

  4. Which company just announced they'll require employee antiharassment training in all locations starting next year?

    1. McDonald's

    2. Home Depot

    3. Walmart

  5. A wide majority (76%) of remote employees say their company's culture has since the pandemic forced teleworking.

    1. Improved

    2. Gotten worse


  6. Littler survey, May 2021

  7. Mercer consulting survey

  8. Ladders survey

  9. McDonald's

  10. Gartner Research study

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