The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. What do U.S. workers say are the best and worst things about working from home?

    1. Best: No commute Worst: Being isolated

    2. Best: Flexibility Worst: Longer hours

    3. Best: No co-workers Worst: No commute

  2. The EEOC recently warned HR departments that they risk ADA-related lawsuits if they misuse ____________.

    1. Performance reviews

    2. Salary surveys

    3. Artificial intelligence

  3. What are the top two reasons (in order) people are looking for new jobs in 2002?

    1. Advancement, flexibility

    2. Salary boost, advancement

    3. Burnout, salary boost

  4. What's the most popular reason that employees take FMLA leave?

    1. Their own illness

    2. Illness of a qualifying relative

    3. Pregnancy

  5. All of these employment laws are at least 25 years old. Which was passed most recently?

    1. Americans with Disabilities Act

    2. Family and Medical Leave Act

    3. Age Discrimination in Employment Act


  6. Myers-Briggs survey

  7. EEOC

  8. Robert Half survey

  9. U.S. Department of Labor

  10. U.S. Department of Labor

    Answers: 1. a 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. b

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